donderdag 9 juli 2015

Would you rather tag

I think we are all quite familiar with those impossible would you rather questions. You get the creeps when you even have to think about the possible answers, yet I've decided that today I would answer a couple of them.

1. Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice make-up, or nice hair and no make up?
I would probably go out with messy hair and nice make up, because nice make up can make such a big difference. And then I don't mean caking your face until the real you is gone. But it can just emphasize your strong features. I think that just a little but of concealer and mascara changes your entire appearance. And well my hair is basically always messy so in that way it doesn't really matter hahaha

2. Would you rather shave your eyebrows or have your lashes fall out?
Definitely rather have my eye lashes fall out. I think nothing is as weird as a face without eyebrows.

3. Would you rather be forced to shop at only MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?
Uhmm that's a difficult one, but I think I prefer MAC. From the day that I started playing around with make up, I wanted a product from MAC. Hahah now we're a couple of years later and I still don't have it.

4. Would you rather wear lipgloss/lipliner or 80's perm?
I'm afraid I'd have to go with the lipgloss/lipliner look. I think when you kind of blend your lipliner it could be okay. Also your lips are less outstanding than your hair.

5. Would you rather leave the house with an obvious foundation line or overdone blush?
Rather overdone blush. I think a foundation line is a bit trashy. It's both not very favorable, but if I'd really have to choose than rather overdone blush hahaha

6. Would you rather wear MC hammer pants or bikershorts in public?
Oehh that's a hard one too. Uuhm I think I would go with the MC hammer pants because they are easier to style with a nice top.

7. Would you rather have a bad orange-y spray tan or really weird tan lines that can't be covered?
Rather weird tan lines, because than you aren't so obviously fake. But tan lines would also be really pesky.

8. Would you rather have a bad hair cut or a bad hair color?
Rather bad hair color because a bad hair cut also determines the way your face looks. Also people can see a bad hair color as an accident but a bad hair cut is really obvious.

9. Would you rather have youtube or twitter taken away forever?
I would die without youtube, so probably twitter.

10. Would you rather give up on using make-up brushes or mascara?
I think the one thing my face really needs is mascara so I would say I'd rather give up on make-up brushes.

This was my would you rather tag, I hope you liked it, thank you for reading and I will talk to you soon!

X laura

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