dinsdag 7 juli 2015

My pictures #1

Before I started this blog, I already took quite a lot of photos. However I never knew what to do with them. In this blog post I will show you a couple of pictures that I took.

Keep in mind, I am everything but professional. I am just a beginner that seriously needs to learn so much. I barely use different settings and I am basically just playing around. I do really love photography. Especially the way you can capture something quite ordinary and turn it into something special. All the pictures in this article, I have edited with picmonkey.com. This is an amazing site where you have many options to edit you photo's. This is ideal for people just like me who don't have money for a real program such as Photoshop.

So this is just a picture that I took in my back garden. I was walking around, trying to find something worth capturing when I saw a couple of bumblebees flying around these flowers. I immediately grabbed my camera and snapped a picture of this little bumblebee.

A couple of weeks ago, me, my parents and my sister went on a 1 week vacation to the beach in Holland. This was obviously the perfect place for taking pictures. My mom was walking ahead of me and didn't even notice it when I was taking a picture of her. I also decided afterwards that I liked this picture more in black and white. I think it adds more atmosphere to it.

This picture doesn't really have a story. I was basically just walking in the dunes behind the beach and I saw the way the sunlight touched the branch and I thought it would make a great picture. 

This is again a picture I took on our vacation. For me the fence really makes this picture work. I think it adds some fancy composition to the picture. :)

On the beach there were of course many many many seagulls. I tried to capture them uncountable times. Out of the many many many pictures I took, I find this the best one because of the composition. The way the seagull flies just above the water makes the picture more symmetrical and interesting. I also like the way that the bird is stretching his wings. 

This picture was taken in my garden. I was again walking around seeking some interesting things for my pictures when I saw the way the light touched these flowers.

When we were on our vacation we also went to Leiden. This is a city that looks quite similar to Amsterdam but is way smaller. However, I thought this picture was so typically Dutch that I needed to take it. 

I took this picture when my sister and I were just fooling around. I noticed the pretty effect so I decided I wanted to take a better picture of it. I then threw a black and white effect over it but left the flower in it's original color.

So these were a couple of the pictures that I took. I still got more pictures but I think I will put those  in a second blog post. I really hope you liked it :) If you have any tips or questions for me, please let me know!

x Laura

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