vrijdag 16 oktober 2015

My pictures #2

 At times, my inner photographer takes over and I just have to go outside to snap some pictures. Not so long ago I had one of these outburst and I've decided I wanted to visit the forest. This was the result

So a while ago, I felt really inspired. So I took my camera to the forest. I made sure to get there early and while I was in the forest the sun started shining, which gave me some breathtaking sights that I tried to capture as well as I could. 

You might think ''hey, that's not a forest''. Well, you're right. These are two pictures I took while I was on holiday in Mallorca. In the capital there is a large cathedral of which I took these pictures. I thought it might be nice to include them.

This is one more picture I took in my backyard :)

So these are the pictures I wanted to show you today. I have quite some pictures left, so you can expect some more soon. Again, If you have any tips or questions, please let me know! Thank you for reading and I will talk to you soon!

X Laura

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