vrijdag 9 oktober 2015

Why saying goodbye to summer isn't such a bad thing

Temperatures are dropping, days are growing colder and people are becoming grumpier. The first drops of rain begin to fall and the first leaf whirls down. Fall is coming, and I love it.

For a lot of people, fall is one of their most dreadful seasons. It's cold, rainy and it means that summer is officially over. I know this is very sad, but there are so many positive sides to fall that we just need to be reminded off. So we can ease the pain and finally be able to officially say goodbye to summer.

New fashion collection
Yes! The cozy sweaters, cute boots and fuzzy socks are back! The stores are full of the latest fashion trends with warm colors. It's time to change up your wardrobe and start piling your cozy sweaters.

Hot chocolate
Who doesn't like a big steaming cup of hot chocolate? When coming home from a long cold day, nothing feels as good as warming up with some hot chocolate or a lovely cup of tea.

The fireplace
It's cold and dark outside, which means we can finally stoke the fireplace! The soft orange glow illuminates the room and the soft crackling of the fire makes it all feel so cozy. I'm not even talking about the heat that comes from a nice fire. Also if you don't have a fireplace, you can also go to YouTube, type in 'fireplace' and you'll get a bunch of results. I personally use this all the time in my own bedroom.

New home/room decorations
Out with all the floral prints and pastel colors, in with the dark warm colors and candles. Collect some pine cones which you then carefully distribute throughout your room. Maybe you can even get really fancy and already hang up Christmas lights. Have a look on tumblr.com or weheartit.com for some amazing inspiration on how to make your room look amazing this fall.

Beautiful season
Overall I think fall is just one of the most beautiful seasons of all. The way the leaves color in all different colors gives you amazing pictures. And then I am not even talking about the epic sunrise and sunset you can spot right now. If you're into photography just like me, I can definitely recommend waking up early and going to the forest before the sun has risen fully. You'll see breathtaking scenes that you'll enjoy even if you don't capture it.
Picture I took while walking through the forest. 

Remember carved pumpkins, spiderweb decorations and dressing up to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. Halloween is such an iconic holiday of fall. In the Netherlands it's not something that is celebrated widely, but I really wish it was. I love how spooky it is and how everyone can get a little crazy.

So these were a few of my reasons why I love fall. I hope that you might feel a little less sad about this wonderful season. Again as always if you have any questions for me, please let me know and I will talk to you soon!

X Laura

Source picture hot chocolate: http://weheartit.com/entry/202321788/search?context_type=search&context_user=taimaa7&query=hot+chocolate

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